Specialised in backend development and CLI apps using Ruby and Go. Free and Open Source Software enthusiast.

I’m a CloudBees, Babbel, SUSE, LAS, CW, and Telefónica alumnus who’s currently looking for his next gig.

Open Source Contributions

Core team member or contributor

  • Jenkins X Automated CI/CD for K8s
  • BOSH Tool chain for release engineering, deployment and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services e.g. Cloud Foundry
  • BOSH OpenStack CPI BOSH OpenStack Cloud Provider Interface
  • BOSH Linux Stemcell Builder I had the opportunity to be part of the team that helped implement the openSUSE stemcell used by BOSH
  • Machinery A systems management toolkit for Linux
  • Formstack API gem a Ruby wrapper for the Formstack API

Personal projects

  • Jade A toy programming language in Spanish written in Go
  • BOSH Libvirt CPI BOSH Libvirt Cloud Provider Interface
  • Scream Grid A jQuery extension to build pivot tables.

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