• January 2020

    The first month of the year is normally to start fresh. For me it’s been more of a transition month while I’m still migrating between Germany and Belgium. It’s been a great time to disconnect from everything and pick up on old and new habits.

  • The Most Beautiful Lake in the World

    I just had a wonderful adventure visiting San Marcos La Laguna, a small town (~3000 people) in Sololá, Guatemala. The place has breathtaking sights of lake Atitlán and the surrounding volcanoes. It’s a great location if you are looking to escape the stress of life in a big city and spend time connecting with nature.

  • Big Tech Doesn't Mean Good Software

    One of the hassles of moving abroad, is that you need to change the country of some of your digital accounts. As a user, you expect this process to be straight forward, specially if we’re talking about a big tech company, but let me share with you how it went for me. Spoiler alert, it sucked! These companies are supposed to excel at software development and yet they can fail so bad at it. Should these really be our industry leaders or can we do better?

  • December 2019

    December was a bit hectic. The month started with me quitting my job in order to move to a new country (which I also did). I also spent a few days migrating out of some big tech products/services. And it finished with a couple of day trips and spending time with new and old friends. All in all, it was a good month, like the cherry on the top of a good year and a great decade (for me personally). Happy new year, see you in 2020!

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