Mauro Morales

About Me

Programmer · Expat · Minimalist

Hi, my name is Mauro. This is my personal site where I write about programming, my expat life and minimalism.

I’ve been writing software professionally since 2006. I currently work as Senior Software Engineer at Babbel. If you want to know more about my professional career read my curriculum vitae.

I’ve lived and worked in Guatemala City, Leysin, Nuremberg and currently Berlin. Being an expat has allowed me to learn and experience about different cultures, expand my mind and above all meet amazing people.

One way my wife and I have managed to be flexible and move to different cities is by keeping a small footprint. We try to live with what we need and no more. You could say we are minimalist to a certain degree.

Mauro Morales

Me in Kraftwerk Berlin. Photo by Gretel Mejía