I Joined CloudBees' CodeShip

I’m excited to share that I joined the CloudBees family. I’ll be part of a very cool and talented team of engineers that are in charge of CodeShip. I look forward to help them with the experience I’ve accumulated doing web and backend development.

What is CodeShip?

CodeShip is a service that allows you integrate CI/CD into your software development process very easily, without all the hassle of having to manage infrastructure or the CI/CD software itself.

I heard about this company a few years back while they were still a startup. I looked up to them because of the many tutorials they put out there in their blogs which I found very useful.

I even tried to join them back in 2017 but for some reason things didn’t come through at the last step of the process.

What is the current CI/CD state in the industry?

When I was working on Cloud Foundry I had the chance to experience what CD means. Every team within the organization follows the XP methodology so for them this is the only way to do software, unfortunately there are many companies and teams out there where this isn’t the case.

Doing CI/CD is necessary if you want to have short feedback loops. You want to have shorter feedback loops because they enable you to move faster, reduce waste and recover sooner. And in the end you want all these things to produce more value for your organization.

If you are new to CI/CD let me share with you a short video by Martin Fowler where he talks about the benefits of CI/CD:

Why am I so excited about this change?

I’m excited about this change because I want other developers adopt CI/CD by using a service that is easy to use and enables them to produce better software. And as a consequence I also think will help them feel more satisfied in their jobs as software developers.