Year in Review 2018

Moved to Berlin

Back in 2017 my wife did an internship in the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights. She had a really good experience so we decided it would be a good idea to move to a city like Berlin to improve her chances of finding a job.

Unfortunately we found out that even if there are a few more international jobs in her field, it’s quite tough to find something. We are not giving up but in 2019 I will be open to moving to a different country in case this makes things easier for her. Germany is still our priority since I already have a visa that let’s me work here without many restrictions.

New job, new learnings

I started working at Babbel. Most of the code I’m writing there is either in Ruby or Go but for the first time in six years I had to write JavaScript again. Since the language has changed so much it meant lots of learning but I’m glad I did because it’s such a wildly used language nowadays. In 2019 I’d like to continue mastering the language and learn more about Node.js.

This is also the first time I experience the concept of Serverless using AWS Lambda. This meant I had to learn some of the concepts behind SOA and event-driven applications.


For ECDP I wanted to produce a podcast weekly but between my full time job and my personal life I only managed to do 9 episodes in all 2018. One key thing I learned is that if I want to succeed with such a project, I need to get better at managing my own time.

Harder than the work invested, is the minimal feedback I got from the few listeners. My guess is that I was either reaching the wrong audience or they are not finding the content useful enough. As an experiment I released the last episode also in video format and for the first time got some genuine questions. In 2019 I plan to pivot to mainly video and see how things go.

2019 Expectations

I expect 2019 to come with a lot of changes. I’m not entirely sure what may come but I do know which are the two things I’m going to focus on.

  1. I want to keep supporting my wife with her career
  2. I want to continue growing as a software developer